The Moment I stepped into the school, I felt at HOME. Smiles, children laughing, teachers hugging little ones, art work all over the walls……And needless to say, I can be pretty picky. Being a part of the Terry Matlock School family has been so very special to our family. We have so many precious memories of our children in your loving care. We will always treasure the handprints on the artwork, the ornaments for our Christmas tree, the singing concerts at holiday time, the dance classes and recitals that brought tears to our eyes! Thank you ladies, for all you have done for our children. Each of your hearts is a little bigger than the average persons!

The parents of McKenzie and Carson

We’d have far more unused checks remaining in our checkbook, But far fewer artistic masterpieces on our refrigerator We’d have far more fuel in our minivan’s gas tank, But far fewer fun songs to share while on the road……..we came up with an abundance of positive things we would be missing and could only think of a small handful of things we’d have far more of.

When we think of why the Terry Matlock school has meant so much to our family, there are three main words that come to mind: Teachers, teachers, teachers. We don’t know how you’ve been able to find and retain such a wonderful group of caring, kind, creative, patient, inspirational teachers over the years-but we want to let you know that our lives have been touched by each one of them.

THANK YOU to all the remarkable people who have played (and continue to play) such a significant and special role in or children’s lives.

The parents of Serena and Luke

The Timing for this opportunity to thank the staff could not be more appropriate! As I sat at the kindergarten orientation for my youngest child last night, I realized that soon I would no longer have a child with your preschool. For the first time in eight years you will no longer be an integral part of our daily routine. Your steady support and smiling faces will truly be missed...

In turn, we have entrusted the care of each of our three children with you, and have never been disappointed with our choice. Under your guidance, we have watched them grow in confidence, grace, and poise.

With you they have made marvelous memories, much music, and many messes. We greatly appreciate the important role you have played in our lives.

Warmest wishes,
The parents of Lexi, Max, and Jenna